It is precisely what is said on the tin. A collection of projects and work completed by the beautiful hands of me.
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this tutorial was a big help for my scripting work. Above are some examples of script from the game. What you can see here is me making use of script variables. By altering these variables something different will happen every time you click certain objects in the game. By learning that I was able to fix bugs in the game in which you could collect an infinite number of one object from one place.

It also taught me about operators. When in the script you see == together this is an operator. In my game I used two variations of operator.

I used == which means that the variables must match exactly for the script to work

and =! which means that the variables must not match for the script to work. This meant that puzzles couldn’t be completed with the incorrect item.

More backgrounds! So this one takes place within a dream, I wanted to give it an unreal quality, like it’s not quite been remembered properly, I made it look like a stage play to heighten that feeling that something is a little off!

A cool new background for my animation! Between work experience and half term I’ve been a little busy! BUT! I have finished this now! I put my little characters in there, but they don’t have any other poses so it looks a little strange for now!

some of the mock up ideas for my little interactive Application! Wheeeee! this shows how I want to lay each one out, and how I intend for them to work

the top one seems to be my current favorite, I think it’s more accessible without needing any text on it at all, using simple logos instead of text. The idea for this is that clicking the logos will change which items you can see along the bottom edge, and clicking those items will allow the character to wear them. Only one item from each category will be wearable. On this one I also had my most complete listing of categories shown in the most simple way.

Below this one I have one which appears wider than the others, this is because it would consist of two pages one can flick between, one showing the character herself, and the other showing a colour coded double, by clicking on the coloured sections on the other figure would could change what items you see shown on the right hand side of the black page, again once fully programmed you’d be able to see them on the main character page, the white one on the left. I like this design, but it does feel ever so slightly over complicated, the two page system could also be harder to work with.

Below that is a more basic version of my top one. Instead of using simple logos on the buttons it uses text, which I think is less effective, as it’s harder to tell what you’re looking for at an immediate glance. Also I think the top one made better use of the space I had available.

below I went for a more basic design, but I had the most trouble with this one, because of the amount of clothing categories I wanted to put into this little game the amount of arrows placed around the figure make it appear much too cluttered, the placement and sizing of the arrows was also more difficult. So I scrapped this idea very early. It would have been the most basic and easy to program of all of them

Also the colour scheme shown here is certainly not a final one! 

From the sets of Flash Gordon and the deadly ray from Mars, this movie is another product of it’s time, perhaps appearing dated to us it mixes old fashioned technology, fantasy, and science fiction elements into a delightfully confused blur, which is a superb thing to look at.

This is from the advertisements and from the sets of The cabinet of Dr Calligari„ one of my favorite horror movies the film uses elaborate sets in order to emulate lighting and atmosphere. It has a very unique visual style, using strange shapes to create a dream like version of the real world. I thought using something like that in my animation for type and motion would effectively build a surreal atmosphere, and represent the times in which psychoanalysis originated.

Pictures of Sigmund Freud’s study, and his home! This was the place he spent the last few years of his life, his couch has become something of an iconic image in the area of Psychology. So I thought, what better way to emulate the feeling of the time period and origin of dream analysis then to draw inspiration from this famous location?

Research for Dressing up games!

In most cases dressing up games are directed towards girls, and simulate the experience of dressing up and looking lovely! These games are usually fairly simple, with a fair amount of combinations of hair styles, clothes, and make up for the user to experiment with.

The link below shows a simple dress up game. It’s laid out in a fairly straight forward way, showing options through small icons, arranged in the order of priority, staring with the characters physical attributes and moving down towards more optional things like accessories and even the scent of her perfume!

The one showed above is a very general example of a dressing up game, but many of them take the route of allowing the player to work on a more specific character type, the example I’ve shown below is a dress up game with a weirdly specific theme.

A big thing that really set this game apart were the bonus features hidden in the background. Rather than having a dedicated function to change the background you have instead to find items in the background to alter it instead, for example, there is a hidden light switch in the stage which turns the environment from day to night.

I saved the most advanced of the gamess to last, I am unlikely to be able to build something as extensive as this.

this one had a few really notable mechanics, like the ability to manually apply make up with the mouse, giving the game a more skill based angle, as players precisely apply make up where they want it, rather than it automatically being applied.

I posted this one earlier, but felt it had to be commented on in more detail. This game is also very advanced, even giving the player to move and pose their characters at will, and even save codes so they can come back and work on an existing design later. This game shows that a dress up game doesn’t even have to focus on a human character in order to be enjoyable.

Each game also comes with the ability to save a picture of your customized character for future enjoyment!